Character Write Up: Daniel Parks

Daniel Parks

Before I can go into much depth about my character I first need to briefly explain the world he lives in. Daniel lives in an alternate version of modern society in which magic and science coexist and are used in tandem to advance technology to a greater level. However, this also means many mythical beings inhabit the world along with humans. Most are peaceful and passive though there are many creatures of evil that seek nothing but destruction. Battles are still constantly waging between humans and beasts. Although these wars aren’t severe enough to affect average people, they are still an issue that doesn’t seem like it can ever be resolved.

Now that you understand his world, you will be able to understand him better. Daniel was born in 1992 in the small town of Cherrywood. He has always been very intelligent and creative with everything he does. Many of his teachers have proposed alternate educations to achieve his maximum potential. However, his parents have denied the offers worrying he would feel different from the other kids. He developed severe depression and antisocial behavior at the age of eleven. This was mostly due to him not sharing interests with most people his age and partly due to bullying, though bullying mostly didn’t bother him. This was also because he resented his parents. He felt as though they wasted many opportunities in his life by denying offers of advanced education. He never vocalized these issues with his parents which just made matters worse. He eventually got so fed up with them that he applied for college without them knowing hoping he could just leave and never come back. He succeeded at this. Since then he has finished college and has become an expert inventor, though hasn’t made much money from it. With all his college debt he is struggling to pay his rent and is now forced to find a roommate. And that is where the real story begins.

Small Update

I’ve made some significant changes to my uploading schedule and what I will be putting on my website so i decided to release a small update about it. First of all, I wont have a regular upload schedule. I’m to lazy  busy to be able to stay consistent with posts so I will just upload when I find time. Second, I will no longer just be uploading music reviews. This will just be a general dumping ground for projects I have. That being said, it’s likely I will be uploading more frequently because of it. I have quite a few stray projects I will be uploading today so you can expect that in like, an hour. See you then.