Update: Poll Results, New Series.

Hello, everyone. I decided I should probably post some sort of update about my new story as well as the results from my LPBB poll.

Little Pink Best Buds: First off, thanks to everyone who voted. I had way more people vote than originally expected. Like, a lot more, about seven times more. Second, to my surprise, Dog Bud won at about 40% of the total votes. I plan on releasing the story within a month or so. If it’s later than that it’s probably because I died or something.

Lost In The Unknown: So this was a story that started as a school project where I had to write a narrative about anything. So I took an old character I made called ‘The Whistler’ and just started writing. The story has slowly evolved into some weird mix of Over The Garden Wall, Homestuck, Alan Wake, and a little bit of Steven Universe. I’m still not sure where the story is headed, but it’ll probably be cool.

Little Pink Best Buds Story Poll

Quite some time ago I stumbled upon a game called “Little Pink Best Buds”. A very strange game about some pink dudes in a field, with a very disturbing ending. After playing the game I wanted to see more endings with different friends, but it never happened, so I took things into my own hands. So I am uploading a poll so you can vote for which friend you want a story about, and i’ll write a story about the most popular choice. I thought it was an interesting way to both let you guys influence this blog and a way for me to make up my mind for once. Have fun, and vote cautiously ;).