Ominous Beginning To A Story That Will Likely Go Untold And Unwritten.

Fire everywhere, blinding Nathan as he stumbled through the forest. He gasped, choking on the heavy smoke that lay in the air. A tree fell down, the tip of a branch tearing down the side of his arm. But he couldn’t stop, not even think about the blood running down his fresh wound. Loud police sirens rung in the distance, mixing with the loud crackle of forest fire and the deafening thump of falling trees. He had nearly escaped. Nearly. He began coughing violently, as a sudden dizziness hit him. The world spun around him as darkness began vignetting his vision. Desperately, he ran through the burning woods, it was well past midnight, police chasing after him, blood running down his arm, hardly in control of his own body. Finally, he tripped over a log, landing hard onto the side of his head. A pain shook through his head, and almost instantaneously, everything went black.


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  1. Amanda · January 10



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